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Rice Pudding

As Nigella Lawson says, there is a difference between something being difficult and something being time-consuming. Rice pudding is time consuming in the sense that it takes a long time to bake, but you don't have to watch over it and it does take literally minutes to throw together which makes it perfect for cold winter days as the oven warms your kitchen for a bit and then the pudding warms you. I challenge you not to fight over the skin on top as well. I know as a child this is something you might not have done, but trust me it's a treat. Whether you thin out the baked pudding with cream, sprinkle over a little brown sugar, or add a good splodge of jam, customise it however you like and enjoy!

I should note the photos display a half portion of the recipe in case you think the dish is a little small.

Serves 4

Hands-on Time 5 minutes

Baking Time 110 minutes


35g Unsalted butter plus extra for greasing (softened)

115g Short grain rice (look for pudding rice if that helps)

50g Caster sugar

1L Full-fat milk

Whole nutmeg


Baking dish



Preheat your oven to 140°C/120°C(Fan)/275°F/Gas mark 1.

Grease the baking dish with a little butter.

Add the rice followed by the sugar and milk to the dish.

Drop small pieces of the 35 grams of butter into the milk before grating over a little nutmeg over the top.

Pop the dish into the oven, on a middle shelf, for 110 minutes. After 60 minutes have passed give it a gentle stir using a spatula.

When all of the time has passed there should be a lovely golden skin on the top of the pudding.

Enjoy! (Don’t burn your mouth!)


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