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I’ve always loved food and eating. Perhaps too much at times given how much weight I've gained and then lost over the years. Cooking and baking has fascinated me since I was a child; the delicious things you can make consisting of endless varieties of flavour combinations.


My passion for cooking really developed, along with an obsession for Nigella Lawson, when I was at Uni. It was there that I also fell in love with the baked goods by Ladurée thanks to the masterpiece that is Marie Antoinette. Having seen and sampled a fair few macarons and eclairs, I was determined to try my hand at mastering patisserie. Another film which really fed my interest in cooking and encouraged me to try challenging recipes and techniques was Julie & Julia. To me, Nigella and Julia are true goddesses of the kitchen.


I also discovered being in a kitchen was a good way for finding calm, relaxing, and clearing my head. It’s my mental escape and therapy.


Now as I said, I have enjoyed food too much at times. I’ve dieted, lost weight, and now keep it off.  It has taken me a while to discover that I can enjoy foods which we look at as ‘bad’ provided I’m not doing it all of the time. Eat enjoyably yet sensibly I say!


My recipes are foods that I love and eat. They are born from me challenging myself not to just follow recipes but to come up with my own and try new things. I bake and cook what appeals to me and makes my stomach rumble even looking at it. I hope my recipes have the same effect on you!


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